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Home Page: Videos

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Videos are an increasingly popular and important communication tool, and can be used to present detailed or complex information in an engaging and accessible format. To learn more about specific purposes for which water quality programs have used videos, click a link below or use the "Navigator" panel at the right-hand side of the page. To return to the main Approaches to Clean Water Communication landing page, you can click the link in the "SideBar" panel (below the Navigator) from any page.



The examples contained here are not intended to be comprehensive; rather, their collection is meant to facilitate the sharing of ideas among water quality programs, especially CWA 303(d) programs, and generate new ideas about how to present water quality or program information.


Wikis like this one can be another useful means of sharing information with the public or stakeholder groups, especially in instances in which it is helpful to have multiple or external editors. To highlight this tool and make it easy for water quality programs to submit additional examples, the websites, maps, and videos included in this compendium are located on this wiki. The “Navigator” panel at the right side can be used to explore the wiki; if you would like to add a video, website, or map used by your program, please click the “request access” link above the Navigator. If you are interested in setting up and using a wiki for your program, you may find this guide to to PBworks (the website on which this wiki is hosted), developed by Montana DEQ, helpful.


Image from Donovan Silva via Unsplash


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